Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note (ICT)

I've been using a  Dell Streak smart phone for over a year. And loved it. I'm a heavy blogger with minor youtube uploads.

My major gripe with the Dell Streak was the camera shutter speed. It was way to slow. I tried finding a software fix, but no joy. The pictures where poor, and the video quality poor also.
The Galaxy Note is great for blogging on the go, take a picture, write my blog entry and upload.
Same for youtube videos. Just need to play with the on board video editing software some more, then I'll be able to do the lot on the Galaxy Note.

Here's one of the first videos I took on a very cold Dec 2011 morning

Here are some pictures taken on the same day- (ones dated 2011.12.03)

As for the pen usage, I think I'll watch a few youtube videos on how people are using their Galaxy Notes for some inspiration.

To conclude I love it, and it's outdone the Dell Streak by a country mile.
Hopefully I'll update at a later date on how it gets on with what I throw at it.

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