Monday 9 April 2012

Life is like gardening, not a box of chocolates

Just back in bed with the sheesha 06:00, off to work in two hours. Pondering how gardening is simaler to life.  

I've done the hard work on one of my beds. The second awaits. I know it's a great time to sow the field beans I have. Now I can't eat these beans. But they will add nitrogen and organic matter to the soil in the bed. The time to do this is now. I should get out of bed, have breakfast and get in the garden. The task of sowing the seeds and watering is easy and will take all of thirty minutes. The seeds will do all the wonderful work themselves. But they need to be planted now, by me. If the soil is to gain the nitrogen and organic matter which in turn will give me a better yield of fruit and vegetables.  

This right here is life. The planting of the seeds at the most effective time is an analogy of any given task which will benefit me or others in the future. Be it exercise, a piece of work, an act of kindness.   I can't expect the same benefits of the organic matter and nitrogen in July if I plant the very same seeds in July. I can't just cram a piece of work on the last few days and expect the same quality of assignments. I can't cram a months training on the mat in a weekend.  

So many tasks so little time. I've spent this long bank holiday weekend just lazing. No allotment, no garden, no exercise, no spiritual development. I did spend quality time with my wife and some friends over these last four days. So not a complete waste.   Little and often is my new method.

Now to map out the right direction of travel. I don't mind the journey taking more time, as long as I'm still heading in the right direction.