Friday, 16 December 2011

Reflection of What I Gained From the Training the Trainer Course

Here is what I took away from my learning experience on the Training the Trainer course I attended over three days back in September 2011.

I experienced the importance of what I have learnt to call edutainment, which is combining education and entertainment to facilitate learning. This is not just for children but adults who can also lose focus in a learning environment. Three months on from the training I am still able to remember the training which was delivered in a game or was entertaining fashion. However I can only vaguely recall the subject matter being taught delivered by co-attendees of the course, which was monotones and lacking in energy.

I also understand the merit in a good trainer putting the hard work in at the designing stage. This will in turn reduce the amount of work to be done at the time of delivering the training. For example if good group work sessions are designed well on the day of delivering training, the trainer is then able to sit with each group and use this time to observe and possibly an opportunity for a formative assessment.  

To conclude, I have learnt to design the training well, which includes making it an enjoyable experience, entertaining and letting student’s have more discussion time and less teacher talk time.

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