Wednesday 17 October 2012

Data on the move

I'm not a big phone call guy. But I do text and use allot of data on the move. My contracts up and I'm paying £35/month for 500mb data/ month, unlimeted text messages and 600min of talk time.

I looked around and the best thing I found for my needs is GiffGaff, I've just got the sim and called o2 to get my PAC code (code used to help port your existing number from one netwrok to another.

Giff Gaff are offering 250mins, unlimted texts, unlimited web, and free calls to other GiffGaff users all for £10/month.

When I was on the phone to O2, they made a counter offer. But it wasn't even close.

If you're planning to defect to GiffGaff, and do sign up, please feel free to use my user name to give me some refer points.

my Giff Gaff Member name = s0s0bad or just use THIS PAGE and the sim you order will get an extra £5 when you top up with your first £10.

Sunday 14 October 2012

The artist formally known as Hamza

I don't envy people any more. No matter how rich, intelligent, networked, good looking etc, etc they still have to face the same types of drama as I do in life. Probably more so.

But the cat that lives at my mams house. Formally known as Hamza, but I now have been enlightened to refrain from naming animals with human names. I should use an adjective as his name. E. G. TABBY, fatty, sleepy, softy you get the idea. But we've come to a consensus on this as of yet.

So the cat is living it up. He comes and goes as he pleases. Eats good. Very good, I shared some of my Haddock from the fish and chips last night with him. Once a month I give him a intensive combing to remove the lose and dead fur which fill about carrier bag and then apply the anti-flea gel which keeps him bug free. Every other month he gets a de-worming tablet.

He fights on road, chases pootang (still has all his equipment), doesn't come home for days, and when he does he comes home to a hero's welcome.

He does not have a set of morals or ethnics. Nor does he have responsibility for anything other then meeting his own needs. He is not overly greedy because he can only eat so much in one sitting.

No demands are made of him, no expectations of him. No body asks him for anything or ask him to do anything.

He does not feel he is owned, because the truth is that he is not. He chooses to stay and chooses when to go.

And when he does finally kick the bucket he will not face any reckoning for any of his actions.

I envy the artist formally known as Hamza

Monday 8 October 2012

What now?

Two months in India, with one week from that spent in my mothers village. I loved it. That one week was amazing.

My day would start about 45min before sunrise with a cacophony of azaans (call to prayer) around 06:00 I can't remember exact times. I'd go to the masjid (2min walk) and after fajr prayer I'd come back to the family bungalow. Where my aunty would be reading Quraan on the porch.

She'd then rustle up a two egg omelette and some roti. These were eggs from chickens which roam the yard around the bungalow. Free range is an understatement.

During breakfast my aunty would talk to me and update me who I need to visit in the village that day. It'd been 12 years since I was last here.

And while village life in Gujarate is drastically changed. Some things are are they were when I was a snot nosed youth running feral with the local kids playing add on huge trees.

People smiled, everyone you said salaam to responded with a smile. Old folk who recognised me now at the age of 30 who had last seen me when I was around 12. They still have love for you in the village. Well the old timers anyway.

I returned from that peace, to a whirlwind of weddings (My sister), and a new job which is no walk in the park.

My Diploma in permaculture, well I'm so behind it'll be impossible to be on track with the rest of the group. I'm pretty sure I'll need to complete and document the projects completely independently.

As the days become shorter in the Land of Eng, my mojo is dieing.

I need to just sit down with a huge piece of paper and mind map my thoughts for now.

Maybe a picture to follow

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Me Time

Been a rollacoster few weeks for me. I'm absolutely shattered. Mentally exhausted more then anything else.

Sister's wedding this weekend past, my boyhood bredrin's the weekend before that. With sprinklings of other drama from 'crazy makers'

Crazy Maker = a person who is beyond a drama queen, they actually believe everything in their life is of the utmost urgency and of paramount importance

Today I finish work early. I plan to rest, just chill maybe watch some MMA fights.

I'll check the time tables for the local leisure centres and see if I can get a suana session in.

This evening is me time. Will be switching my phone off and ignoring the world.