Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fartherhood, kind of a big deal

Mid June we were blessed with a healthy 3kg baby girl. We had already decided that we shall name her Khadijah. This was not set in stone, as I didn't want to commit to a name and then feel while holding her she didn't feel like a Khadijah. But she most certainly did.
Blogging has taken a very low priority in the past months. But some photos I find to awesome not to share.
I also wanted to help a a less fortunate child in the world in some positive way. So I starte a fund raising page. The target is to raise at least enough money to look after an orphan for at least a year. It such a small thing I'm almost embarrassed I'm not doing more.
In immediate action, there is some power of momentum.
Visit the fundraising PAGE HERE > 

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