Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Data on the move

I'm not a big phone call guy. But I do text and use allot of data on the move. My contracts up and I'm paying £35/month for 500mb data/ month, unlimeted text messages and 600min of talk time.

I looked around and the best thing I found for my needs is GiffGaff, I've just got the sim and called o2 to get my PAC code (code used to help port your existing number from one netwrok to another.

Giff Gaff are offering 250mins, unlimted texts, unlimited web, and free calls to other GiffGaff users all for £10/month.

When I was on the phone to O2, they made a counter offer. But it wasn't even close.

If you're planning to defect to GiffGaff, and do sign up, please feel free to use my user name to give me some refer points.

my Giff Gaff Member name = s0s0bad or just use THIS PAGE and the sim you order will get an extra £5 when you top up with your first £10.

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