Friday, 27 January 2012

Breaking New Effective Routine

Lat night (Thursday 26th Jan 2012) my lovely wife treated me to a meal out. When we got in we offered Esha Salah (prayer) and decided a family movie would be a nice break from the new routine of only watching educational documentaries and the like.

We’ve actually been skipping the whole viewing of anything, and have just got into the pattern of offering Esha Salah (prayer) and then I would read from an Islamic book which narrates live events from the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) – book title Hayatus Sahabah.

We then get to bed at a very early time around 20:30. As I mentioned we strayed from the new routine and watched a family movie. It was nice, but soon as we lay down in bed, we both told each other what a bad idea that was. We both couldn’t sleep and it took us over an hour to do so.

Getting up this morning was extremely hard work. It’s good that we experienced this discomfort as a real life experimental (all be it unplanned) test on how effective our new routine was helping our rest and recovery and in turn our energy levels.

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