Thursday, 15 September 2011

Taking a proper lunch break

I love getting away from my desk at work, heating up my packed lunch (lovingly packed by Mrs Bad) getting a coffe and sitting anywhere away from my office. Today I was based in Startford Town Hall. As my lasangnia was heating up I looked out of the and noticed the courtyard bathed in midday sun. I grabbed my food and a cup of coffe and sat out. Mobile phone switched off, just enjoying a real break.

Just as I finish eating a biker is standing over me (Shoei helmet in hand). It happens to be a senior manager from the main building. We sit, chat and enjoy the sun, and the court yard.

Two discoveries. Fist, the court yard itself. It traps the suns heat really well and a great place away from the hustle and bustle of central startford. It's open to the public and they have a cafe their if you'd want a cuppa, quick bite, hot food. I've yet to try their food so can't comment on how the food is.

Secound, the senior manager is a real hands on foody. He's raised and slaughtered his own chickens. We covered topics from automatic irrigation systems to breads of chickens.

Conclusion, try new things and places. You never know it may bring you new friends and new favourite places. To actively push our edges is an excellent way grow , learn and connect.

Note to self: Book next chat and meal with the senior manager in the Malaysian restruant in Westfield Stratford.

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